Sex On The Second Date — What Women Like In Bed

second dateSecond Date

Second Date Rules

So, you’ve played the online hookup website game quite well thus far, and have arranged yourself a second date in Wirral. Great job! Of course, it might be tempting to think that you have failed in not sealing the deal on the first date, but we definitely recommend that you avoid dwelling on that. There are many bachelors out there who don’t even have any dates lined up to look forward to, and you already have a leg up on these people. Instead, focus on the fact that your date actually likes you enough to see you for a second time, and she’s giving you another chance at some no strings attached sex. That is great news, and you need to really bring your A-game this time in order to maximize your chances of getting laid. Pay attention to the rules of dating when going on your second date. Make sure that you dressed in your best casual clothing, and that you’ve lined up a nice restaurant to spend the night at. Be attentive to her needs, and respond to everything she says accordingly. By the end of the night, if you’ve played your cards right, you might just find that you are well on your way back to your place in order to have a hot one night stand.

Impress Her Throughout Your Date

One thing that ties most women together is that they do not sleep with a man unless they find him impressive in one way or another. That’s why it’s very important to make sure that your date is impressed when you see her for the second time. Impress her, and you’ll find that she might be willing to let you see her most secret parts. By impress her, we mean that you should act like a total gentleman while making her laugh. Show her your bad side, but make it abundantly clear that you also have a good soul and a kind heart. Open the car door for her when you pick her up, and refill her wine glass at the restaurant when you see it’s getting low. Tell her some tasteful jokes as they come to mind, and share with her some of the more interesting anecdotes of your life. If you impress her, she’ll be thinking more and more about the prospect of sleeping with you on the second date.

Invite Her Up To Your Place

At the end of the night, if you’ve read her body language and have declared that it was favorable, it’s time to make your big move and invite her back to her place. Thankfully for you, your odds of success in this venture is much higher on the second date than it is on the first. By this point, she’s much more comfortable with you than she was when she first met you, and she’ll be less hesitant towards the idea of sleeping with you. If she says no, that’s fine; you can just try again with the next girl. If she says yes, however, put your fun cap on, because you’re in for a crazy sex night.

What Women Like In Bed

It’s hard for any man to know what women like in bed, and women’s thought processes run so quickly while they’re having sex that it’s quite impossible for them to dictate vocally what they’re looking for while in bed. Instead of trying to discern all the details that are in her mind, just focus on reading her body language instead. You’ll find that her body speaks for itself, and she’ll tell you exactly what she’s after through specific movements.

Give Her An Orgasm

Casual sex relationships should be built on mutual pleasure, which means that you should not be the only one who is enjoying an orgasm. Make sure that your lady gets hers too, and don’t stop having sex with her until she is fully satisfied. If you really rock her world and give her rolling orgasms, she’ll want to come back for more. Before you know it, your one night stand could turn into a wild, fun casual sex relationship. If that’s not what you want, then fine; you two can part ways without any hard feelings. However, the prospect of a no strings attached sex friend is one that many men pine for, and we think that you include yourself among those men. Well, all you have to do in order to give her that idea is to really knock her socks off that first night!