5 Safety Tips Every Girl Should Know Before Going On Her First Encounter

How to choose the perfect place for your first encounter

If you're a woman using online dating platforms to meet local men, you need to make sure you know what you're doing. The last thing you want is to find yourself in a precarious situation that you cannot get out of. Online dating is usually a safe place to meet local singles, but you never really know what someone's intentions are and so you should always be as safe as possible. When planning out your first encounter, you should meet up with your date in a well populated area in Montreal. This will show you that he's not afraid to show his face, and that he is willing to meet you on your own terms. If you want to have sex with local singles, going to their house for the first encounter can be a little ill advised. Try meeting up with them first and seeing if you still want to sleep with them, then spend a little time getting to know them before deciding if you want to go home with them.

Practice safe sex at all cost

MEeting up with local singles is a very fun way to spend your weekends. But meeting up with local singles and not practicing safe sex can lead you to spending countless weekends in an emergency room or hospital. When meeting someone from an online dating platform, you cannot assume that they are disease free, and you shouldn't want to. Practicing safe sex should be your main priority and you shouldn't settle for anything less. A lot of men do not like using condoms and will try to have sex without one. It is your responsibility to always have a condom on you and to be adamant on using it. Women usually believe it to be the man's job to bring condoms with them, but what happens if they don't? If you want to have fun and stay healthy for your entire life, you need to eliminate your chances of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. Practice safe sex at all cost, and always bring condoms with you to an online hookup.

His place or yours: Which is safer?

So, you met a man off of an online dating website and you're on your way to your first date. When you get there, you notice a handsome man in the corner of the restaurant and you can't help but become instantly attracted to him. Since you joined an online dating website with the hopes of having sex with local men, you're feeling a little excited for what is going to happen but you can't help but ask yourself if you're putting yourself in an unsafe position. After your date, you've made up your mind and decided that you want to have sex with your date. However, you're a little confused on whether you should invite him to your place or go to his. In order to stay safe, you should probably invite him over to your place, this will make it less likely for you to get abducted or trapped in someone's apartment. It will also help you feel more comfortable because you will be in familiar surroundings.

Staying safe no matter what

Going out on an online date can be a little terrifying, especially when every woman's number one fear is getting murdered, raped, or locked up in someone's basement. To stop this from happening, but still indulging in casual sex, you need to stay safe no matter what. Trusting your gut might help you get out of a bad situation before it happens, but having a weapon on you might give you the right tool to defend yourself if something should go wrong. Carrying pepper spray, a pocket knife, and a cell phone will help you escape a bad situation if one should arise. Stay safe no matter what and make sure you're protected before going on an online date in Montreal.

How social media can help you spot a psycho

Before meeting up with someone from an online dating platform, ask to add them on facebook, snapchat, or instagram. By doing so, you will have enough material to conduct a small investigation. If you add him on facebook, try looking through his friends and seeing what kind of people he has added. If he only has young women as friends, he might have made a fake account to add online women — this could mean that he is a pervert or psycho. Also, use his pictures as a crazy guide, if he never takes pictures with any friends, he might not have any, which indicates that he might be crazy.