Why Do People Cheat? Here Are The 5 Most Common Reasons

why cheat affairWhy Do People Cheat

Why Do People Have Affairs?

Exactly why people have affairs is different for every person and every situation. Some people are simply unsatisfied with their sex life and others don’t have the heart to break it off with the person they are in a relationship with. These are just a couple of reasons and there are many more, but what all of the reasons have in common is a longing for something that is missing. When someone can’t find what they need or desire in the relationship that they have, they start to look elsewhere until they can find it. Most of the time when people start looking for something outside of their relationship, it results in an affair.

Having No Sex Life Can Lead To Wanting An Affair

One of the main reasons that people have an affair is because their sex life is lacking in some element. Whether it is just bad sex with a partner, or they are unwilling to do something that the other person wants, or if they have a fantasy that can’t be fulfilled by the other person in the relationship, when something is missing in a relationship’s sex life is when the other person starts to wander else where. It is not always the other person’s fault that their partner cheats, but if the chemistry is not there, it is likely that the reason why people have affairs.

Not Everyone Needs A Reason To Cheat

We usually tend to think that there are reasons people cheat, but sometimes that reason does not come from any place in particular. Some people seem to have no reason when they cheat. It almost comes as a natural reaction to them when they are in the proximity of another person that they find attractive. In some sense this seems like a more natural tendency than those who have a particular reason. Sometimes people have an urge that they cannot control when it comes to sex, and whether they want to or not, they end up as cheaters because they have no impulse control.

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Why Do People Cheat When They’re Mad With Their Partner?

Sometimes when someone is mad with their partner, and they want to hurt them, they may look to cheating as a method for doing so. The reason that they are mad can come from different places, but turning to cheating is a one of the most painful ways that anyone can hurt another in a relationship. This makes it a way of lashing out on another that truly cuts to the core. If someone is mad enough for any reason, they may resort to something like cheating to hurt their partner.

Some People Cheat Because They Love Feeling Wanted

Another major reason that people cheat in their relationships is that they love feeling wanted. Even if they are satisfied in their relationship, they may be seeking attention and love from others because they want it from as many people as they can get it from. They may not be trying to hurt another person, but they could be trying to fill a void that they feel can only be filled by other people’s attention. This is not the same as loneliness, but is perhaps closer to a desire for acceptance from others. It can be difficult to attain, and sometimes sex is the only method that they will be able to reach that feeling.

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