Online VS Offline Dating: Why Online Casual Dating Is Taking Over!

Online casual dating is the way of the future. It is not hard to see, and it's not even hard to get involved in! Casual sex has been the standard for the young and the famous for a while now. Do you know how easy it is to meet someone for casual sex? Do you know how many people are signed up for online dating? The amount of sexy affairs happening as we speak is just off the chain, and you would be silly not to get involved. I remember the first time I got into online dating. Some famous scandalous celebrity affair was in the news, and the guy had used online dating to meet up with sexy ladies for casual sex while he was on one of his movie sets for four months at a time. Does that not sound appealing? To me at the time it was the obvious solution to my social life issues and lack of action. Let me run down some of the ways in which online dating is just so much better than offline dating, and why it's taking over!

Online Dating VS Offline Dating

Online dating is extremely accessible, and extremely affordable as compared to offline dating. Wherever you have internet access, you also have access to thousands of singles in your area that might want casual sex. Think about that for a second. Say, for example, you are travelling for business to a foreign city and you don't have an online dating profile. You have three nights in this foreign city, and as a young single businessman you want to have some casual sex. So you go out to the downtown core and start to hop around the bars. Maybe you have a friend with you, but most likely you are alone. Does that sound lonely yet? So you spend the night alone trying to find a girl to make eye contact with. To me that sounds like high school problems, and it pretty much is. It's extremely frustrating to be around so many beautiful women and not know how to approach them, not know anything about them. So you buy a couple drinks at two different downtown bars, and that's it for the night. With the cab downtown and home included, you probably spent over $100 just to try and get casual sex. Repeat that every night of the business trip, and you are just leaking money to get casual sex. It's pretty sad on an emotional, financial, and temporal level. You are wasting everything for the sake of casual sex. Instead of all that waste, let's imagine you did have an online profile with a casual dating site. So you fly in to this foreign city and get settled at your hotel. The next thing you can do is check the status of your online dating profile to see what the options are in this specific city. You are probably paying between $50-75 per month for the membership, which is half of one night on the town without an online membership, and a lot more casual sex! You'll take note of the hot ladies in this foreign city, and send them each a message. Chances are real good that within a few hours you will get some responses. Why? Because so many people use online dating for casual sex. You are just so much more likely to end the night with a score if you use online dating. After she get's back to you, all you have to do is have her over to your hotel room, and that's a wrap. Of course you could do all this the same way if you were married. The only difference is that then you would have lived out your own version of a scandalous celebrity affair by getting into some kind of sexy affair with a woman that you never knew, and will never see again. It's really the perfect trend for a globe-trotting population.

Casual Sex

Even if you don't travel for work, online dating is still the way of the future for finding the best dating potential, or the hottest options for casual sex. You can bet that even in a small town you can find hot singles in your area that are just so horny and ready for sex that they will be into almost anything. It's a real wonder how humans lived so long without getting as much sex as we all are now thanks to casual dating from online dating sites. It's the way of the future because it makes pleasure easier and at a cheaper cost. Sure, some people say that we are getting lazy as a population because of online dating. I say: that's great, because we are not getting lazy, we are just getting more economical in our pleasure pursuits, and the bang for our buck is just so much higher.