How to Succeed on MyCams by Taking Advantage of her Weak Points

There are tons of girls in my hometown of Edmonton, Canada that can be seduced pretty easily. I've got a method that I've been working on for a while, using live cam sites mostly, and looking to get casual sex from as many women as possible. My method is pretty specific, but might not be for everyone. I'm not saying it's the classiest way to go about it, but it sure is the best way. You wanna know what it is? Take advantage of her weak points. That's the secret way to get into her head and make her feel in some way controlled by you, like she thinks you can see right through her. For sure I have had a lot of casual sex by figuring out how to succeed on - that's the site that I've used the most to take advantage of her weak points to get casual sex. Let me tell you how great it's worked for me. I've been using online dating live cam sites for about three years now. In the first two years I probably got laid ten times, and I was not using live cam sites or even my method of trying to take advantage of her weak points. Nope, I was trying the good old-fashioned way to look over images and try to send sexy messages to hot girls. Well, as you can imagine, after two years I decided to change my plan. I decided to use live cam sites instead, because I figured that live cam visuals would make it easier to seduce her. I'm not much of a writer anyways, and I always thought my looks were more convincing than my brains. Anyways, I made the switch to live cam sites, and decided to be more aggressive. And guess what? Within two weeks I had bagged three nights of casual sex. I was on top of the world, and those numbers have kept strong up to this day. It's not secret. I got ladies to video chat with me, and then gradually became a little more critical with how they looked, or what they said. I found that some ladies responded really well to my harsh attitude - sort of like a mean Dad holding all the power over his weak daughters. I don't like to think of it that way, but I can certainly say I've been running the live cam scene like a boss for the past year. So here's a few of my techniques to get casual sex.

Take Advantage Of Her Weak Points

You always gotta start with the body. I like to mention something about her body within the first 5 minutes of our video chat. I know that she is kind of expecting it, and then I just lay right into it. Usually I mention something to do with her weight, but there have been a few times where I just had to mention her boobs or her face. Those are the three big areas to mention; and you don't need to be directly harsh. My technique is to just mention something is off about her face or her breasts, and then let her put the pieces together that I am being critical. She'll get defensive really quickly, and then I'll run with her being defensive. When she opens up about her weakness that's when I know I have a chance to influence her to like me. Sometimes I will be supportive. For example, if the woman has really small breasts and I mention something looks off with her breasts, she will go in a tailspin and say “I know, I've got really small breasts, I'm really embarrassed about it” At this point in the conversation I've got all the power. I could go supportive, or I could go critical. I have found critical to be pretty effective, but recently I've been going supportive and it's working out too! I'll toss in a comment about how we all have deficiencies somewhere, some more obvious than others. If I'm feeling generous, I will lie and say that men don't think much about breast size anyways, so don't worry about it.

Casual Sex

The best way to ensure casual sex is to keep her going on a line of criticism and then supportiveness for as long as you can. She will always be on the backfoot, and you can just keep on using that to your advantage. By the end of the conversation you will have opened her her up more than she could ever have imagined - and that's your chance to ask her on a date! You like my method? You can bet it's the only thing I do up in Edmonton, Canada all winter, when it's too cold to go out to the bars anyways.